I believe good etiquette is an essential. Before we spend some time together, lets make sure we understand each other.


I ask that you have good personal hygiene, are cleanly shaven, as stubble hurts, have fresh breath and lovely aftershave. To ensure we both have the best experience, it is important that you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Contacting me for the first time is to be done via the contact form here on my site or via SMS 0468 860 232. Please do not call, I will call you when it suits us both.

If you are not comfortable in providing your mobile number, unfortunately I cannot entertain your message.

Politeness, courtesy and respect are very important to and I trust that you feel the same. Any vulgarity in emails, or any attempt to barter, will ensure we no longer communicate.

I offer complete discretion and what’s discussed during our time together stays between us.


It is important that any donation is to be given at the beginning of our time together. If we meet in a public place, please present me with an exquisite gift bag containing the donation in an envelope. Alternatively, if we meet in a private location, please place my donation in an envelope or greeting card and leave it on the bathroom vanity. Regardless of the intensity between us, our time together is not to be exceeded without suitable consideration. Please note that the consideration is for my time only.

Cancellation Policy

I take my ‘pleasure’ very seriously. I simply request that you have respect and consideration of my time if you must cancel our appointment. If canceling is necessary please notify me no less than 24hrs in advance. I understand that emergencies arise so if you need to cancel the same day I require a 50% deposit to reschedule or to cover for my inconvenience.

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