I travel to select countries by personal request only. I can be your luxury companion for the mature gent , luxury getaway, business trip or stress free relax time. International bookings must be a minimum of Overnight (12 – 14 hours together).

I offer overnight, lunch/ dinner & Sexy fun, weekends away or business companion for those business trips. Flights, accommodation and all meals are extra.

My fees are to be all paid upfront before I travel to your location. 50% deposit to be paid once a date, day has been made.

Please contact me below for further details.


I feel it’s important to respect other people’s time. That’s why I reserve phone calls to selected times that have been pre-arranged and to confirm our next meet.

When receiving calls, please don’t call from a blocked/unknown number as I will not be able to call you back incase I miss your call.


When we first meet, I like to know who you are. Not only for safety, but also to better understand our compatibility. You can contact me via the contact form below.


As part of my screening process, please send me some proof of identification. LinkedIn profiles,  Drivers’ License, Proof of business ownership or employment are all good forms of identification.

I’ll do my very best to respond to your enquiry promptly. The more information you provide me, the quicker I can respond.



International bookings must be a minimum of Overnight (12 – 14 hours together).

Overnight: $4,000 AUD / $2,800 USD
Weekend away: $10,000 AUD / $7,000 USD
Please note: All rates exclude flights, accommodation and meals.

Cancellation Policy

I expect you to value my time as much as I value yours.

I take my ‘pleasure’ very seriously. I simply request that you have respect and consideration of my time. If you cancel our rendezvous I require minimum 48 hours notice.

If you are unable to to reschedule within next 2 months then I will classify the booking as being cancelled and the upfront 50% deposit will be to cover the inconvenience. Any remaining balance will be refunded.

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